Twelve Years in October CD cover

Twelve Years in October

Features original music with special guests David Friesen and Jeff Holmes

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Full track list

  1. Prelude for Mother’s Day (N. Twigg)
  2. Baile de Duendecillo (S. Rigazzi)
  3. Aurora (R. Towner)
  4. Making Sense (N. Twigg)
  5. Nostalgia D’Abruzzo (S. Rigazzi)
  6. Opening (J. Blanton)
  7. Water to Wine (N. Twigg)
  8. Redemption (N. Twigg)
  9. Twelve Years in October (N. Twigg)
  10. Nattitude (S. Rigazzi)
  11. Mokave (S. Rigazzi)
  12. Secret Track (N. Twigg)